Window cleaning checklist

Window cleaning checklist

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Nothing freshens your home faster than opening the windows and letting in some fresh air and sunlight. But a winter’s worth of grime may have you ready to close the curtains instead.

  1. Clean on Cloudy Days

    Sunlight can heat up windows causing cleaners to dry before you have a chance to clean. Don’t waste time or cleaning products battling the sun, choose a cloudy, overcast day to clean instead.

  2. Pitch the Paper

    Paper towels and newspapers contain softening agents, inks, and detergents. As you wet the paper to clean, these additives are transferred to the glass leaving streaks and haze. Microfiber cloths or low-lint cotton cloths work best for cleaning glass. Be sure to start with a clean cloth.

  3. Skip Soaps & Residues

    Soaps, scents, and dyes in common cleaners leave residues on glass. Residues form streaks and attract dust and grime. The Clear Dry Formula of Invisible Glass is free from these streaky additives making window cleaning fast, easy, and truly streak free!

  4. Pick the Perfect Pattern

    Turns out the “wax on, wax off” method isn’t the best option for glass! Avoid wiping glass in a circular motion that can create a static charge attracting dust to the surface. Clean windows in an up-and-down or side-to-side pattern working from the top down.

You don’t have to spend your entire weekend cleaning to get that spring-fresh feeling.


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  • Taylor Abrams
    9 November 2022, 3:35 am Reply

    Thank you for advising against cleaning glass in a circular motion since this might produce a static charge that can attract dust to the surface. It’s such a surprise that I know so little to nothing about cleaning my windows after I read this article. I guess the best option for me right now is to hire a window-cleaning service that can help me get my windows at their best again.

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  • Lily Bridgers
    10 April 2023, 2:24 pm Reply

    I appreciate your caution against wiping glass in a circular motion since doing so might create static electricity that could draw dust to the surface. After reading this post, I’m shocked at how little or nothing I actually know about washing windows. The best course of action for me right now, I suppose, is to work with a residential window-cleaning company that can assist me in getting my windows back to their best.

  • Valo Clean
    25 January 2024, 6:31 am Reply

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