Best pro tips for home cleaning

Best pro tips for home cleaning

Having your house cleaned by a professional can make a world of a difference. However, housekeepers can get expensive — especially if you have a larger space, children, or pets. Want your house cleaned without breaking the bank? With a few tips and tricks, you can learn how to clean your house like a professional in no time.

Discover housekeeper-approved tips for cleaning your home, ahead.


There’s a reason we clean before the housekeeper arrives. To ensure a more efficient job, set yourself up for success by decluttering first. Put items in their designated areas put laundry away, and pick things off the floor. That way you won’t have to worry about it when it comes time to clean.

Use the right tools

Before cleaning your house, it’s essential to stock up on the right tools. Do you have a duster long enough to reach your ceiling fan? Do you need a special wood cleaner for your table? For a professional-worthy clean, make sure you use the right tools and supplies.

Buy multi-use products

Want a more efficient clean? Use multi-use products. Instead of constantly switching out from a glass cleaner to a surface cleaner, reach for something that can work on both areas.

Keep everything together

Another essential tip for cleaning your house like a professional is to keep everything together. Most cleaning professionals keep supplies in a shower caddy to carry items from room to room — this can be especially helpful if you’re low on time.

Use a newspaper to clean windows

As it turns out, the newspaper makes for a great window cleaner. To clean your windows with newspaper, spray the area with a window spray, then crumple up the newspaper to buff out the liquid. The paper and ink make a gentle abrasive that can remove watermarks and make your entryway shine.

Vacuum everything

When it comes to cleaning the home, vacuuming is an absolute must — even if you have tile or wood flooring. Before you mop the floors, make sure to vacuum. In addition, vacuum the couch and corners of your kitchen (where crumbs like to collect), too.

Dust it

Similar to vacuuming, dusting can help remove buildup and make wiping things down a lot easier (and less messy). Before you spray your surface cleaner or deep clean items on a shelf, be sure to give them quick dust.

Don’t forget about the kitchen sink

Cleaning the house calls for many trips to the kitchen sink. That said, the sink needs some love, too! Once finished, spray your sink down with stainless steel or all-purpose cleaner (depending on what type of sink you have) and give it a good wipe-down.

Clean the dishwasher

Another commonly missed area? The dishwasher. Thanks to food buildup, dishwashers can get pretty gross. To disinfect, apply some Dishwasher Magic and run the appliance while empty. Cleaning the dishwasher without any dirty dishes every so often can help bacteria from building up.

Wash the shower liner

A clean shower liner can make a world of a difference. However, you don’t need to buy a new one every time it gets gross. Instead, unhook the liner from the shower rod and toss it in the washing machine with some dirty towels. Once finished, the liner will look good as new.

Make the bed

It might sound silly, but making the bed can make a huge difference — especially if you don’t have time to give your bedroom a deep clean. Before you clean the house, throw your bedding in the wash, that way your sheets will be clean by the time you start on your bedroom.

Clean the floor molding

Floor molding can get dusty, and overlooked. While it might not seem like a big deal, wiping down the molding or trim in your house can reduce dust and give your space a cleaner feel.

Light a candle

Once you’re finished cleaning, light a fresh-smelling candle. Doing so not only helps create a relaxing ambiance (after all that cleaning, you deserve it!), it can help mask any distinct smells from cleaning products.


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